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Turkey-Syria quake: Qatar sends 10,000 FIFA mobile homes


Turkey-Syria quake: In a bid of providing relief to earthquake-hit people, Qatar has sent over 10,000 mobile homes, which it had constructed for the FIFA World Cup 2022, to the earthquake-hit areas of Turkey and Syria.

The Qatari Fund for Development, a government agency in charge of foreign aid and international development, has already delivered the first batch of mobile homes to affected areas. (Turkey-Syria quake)

“The 2022 World Cup plans have always called for such temporary accommodations to be donated. However, due to the urgent needs in Turkey and Syria, we have decided to ship our cabins and caravans to the region, providing much-needed and immediate assistance to the people of Turkey and Syria “The BBC cited a Qatari official as saying this.

During the World Cup last year, the mobile homes were placed near fan parks throughout Qatar. Tourists who came to support their teams were accommodated in these homes because hotels were pre-booked.

Apart from mobile homes, Qatar built Stadium 974, an entirely removable stadium that can be dismantled once its purpose has been fulfilled.

Despite spending over $220 billion on the World Cup, Qatar received widespread praise for its environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, The death toll from earthquakes in Turkey and northwestern Syria has surpassed 41,000, according to Voice of America (VOA).

Two women were pulled from the rubble in Turkey’s southern city of Kahramanmaras on Thursday, and a mother and two children were rescued nine days after the earthquake in Antakya. The rescue in Antakya occurred 228 hours after the earthquake, according to VOA, citing the state-owned Anadolu news agency. Authorities say that millions of people who survived the earthquake require humanitarian assistance, with many survivors left homeless in near-freezing winter temperatures. Rescues are becoming increasingly rare.

During a difficult time, the Indian Army is assisting Turkey and Syria. The Indian army team recently deployed as part of the United Nations Disengagement Mission.

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