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NewZealand: 4 die including 1 child in Cyclone Gabrielle, Storm…


New Delhi: At least 4 including a child have died in Cyclone Gabrielle that hit the North Island, reported the news agency Reuters.

Significant flooding, landslides and high winds left the country devastated with thousands of people misplaced on Wednesday. Per the news agency, at least 300 people were rescued who were stranded on rooftops with the help of helicopters.

However, the cyclone moved away from the affected country but in the aftermath 10,500 people were still missed.

Meanwhile, the country also felt a magnitude 6.0 earthquake late on Wednesday that struck off the coast of the North Island near the capital Wellington. There were no reports of damage or casualties from the quake.

It is worth noting that the rain has ceased in most of the parts of country whereas, many remote areas are still affected, lacking power cuts and facing other challenges.

Addressing the issue, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said Gabrielle as the biggest weather event in this century to hit the country. He said that it is expected to affect at least a third of the country.

The coastal communities on the far north and east coast of the North Island – with areas like Hawke’s Bay, Coromandel and Northland were among the areas with most extensive damages from the storm.

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