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Apple has recently unveiled a novel shopping experience for its United States customers, dubbed “Shop with a Specialist over Video”. This innovative approach enables customers to engage with an Apple Specialist via a video call to receive tailored guidance while shopping for iPhone models.

The company made an announcement on Tuesday, introducing the service exclusively for iPhone purchases, with potential expansion to other product categories in the future.

Karen Rasmussen, Apple’s head of Retail Online, expressed the company’s commitment to continuous innovation, striving to deliver increasingly personalized experiences for customers by meeting them wherever they are and providing the best of Apple. The new service allows team members to establish a connection with customers, delivering exceptional service as the customer learns about the iPhone that suits them best.

To access “Shop with a Specialist over Video”, customers can simply visit Apple’s online store and connect with an Apple Specialist for personalized assistance and guidance on selecting the ideal iPhone. They can compare features, colors, and sizes while exploring the best deals through the Apple Trade In program or their carrier.

The service operates daily in the US on Apple’s iPhone shopping webpage from 7 am to 7 pm PT, and the customer can simply click the relevant link in order to access an iPhone specialist. During the session, an Apple team member will share their screen on camera without being able to see the customer. If the session is not available or customers access the page outside of business hours, they can still contact a Specialist 24/7 via phone or chat.

This online shopping experience resembles the retail appointments Apple introduced in 2020, allowing customers to browse a store with dedicated one-on-one assistance by booking a time slot within the Apple Store app.

The debut of the “Shop with a Specialist over Video” service aligns with the availability of the new yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus for pickup and same-day delivery.

Ultimately, this new service is Apple’s effort to offer an increasingly personalized and convenient shopping experience for its customers. It facilitates a customer connecting with an expert from the comfort of their own home and receiving customized advice to help them discover the ideal iPhone for their requirements.

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