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App Store Expands Price Points for All In-App Purchases – AllBusinessAnalysis


Apple has announced that it is expanding its App Store price points to include all types of in-app purchases. With this expansion, developers can now choose from 900 different price points for their digital goods and services.

This move comes after Apple settled with U.S. developers over its App Store policies in 2021. In December 2022, Apple introduced 700 new price points for apps offering auto-renewable subscriptions, and now these price points will be available for all other apps and in-app purchases starting from March 9, 2023.

Developers will have the ability to manage and control the price of their products across global storefronts and currencies, with the new pricing options offering nearly 10 times the number of price points previously available for paid apps and one-time in-app purchases. The new pricing options will also be more flexible, increasing incrementally across price ranges.

Furthermore, developers can use globally equalized prices across 174 storefronts and 44 currencies to offer relevant pricing to customers, and define the availability of purchases by the storefront to deliver customized content and services for each market.

It is worth noting that if developers do not update their pricing by May 9, Apple will update the pricing of existing apps and one-time purchases across 175 storefronts using their current price in the United States as the basis.

Apple has previously increased App Store prices in select regions due to changes in taxes and foreign exchange rates, including the United Kingdom, Egypt, and Norway.

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